A Reliable Financial Solutions Provider

Specializing in leasing of spare engines and aircraft components for the commercial aviation market.

About Sanad Capital

Sanad Capital is an industry leading aviation leasing entity specializing in spare engines and aircraft components for the commercial aviation market. Our dedicated long-term lease financing platforms offer dynamic and innovative solutions to customers that meet both their operational and liquidity needs throughout the asset cycle.

Our agile approach, world-class industry expertise and access to capital, is matched by our commitment to continuously support our partners’ growth needs through asset monetization and capital preservation. We aim to continuously evolve in our sector and be early adopters of the latest and most innovative technologies in aviation financing. With a portfolio exceeding USD 1bn in assets, we support a growing number of industry leading partners.

Our Services

Engines Leasing

We never think short term. Our engine sale-and-leaseback programs provide customers with long-term leasing solutions that enable them to monetize existing spare engines, eliminate residual value risk, and increase operational flexibility by freeing up capital, and redirecting it towards other operational requirements. Our long-term thinking also extends to the relationships we build with our customers and our partners.

Our engines leasing portfolio includes a growing number of GEnx, GE90, CFM56, GP7200, V2500 and Trent engine types.

Whilst we work with our customers to ensure that all program specifics meet their individual needs and provide the flexibility that today’s aviation industry requires, we always have an eye on tomorrow.

Components Leasing

Our long-term dedicated component support programs offer customers a unique opportunity to transfer ownership of their aircraft pool inventory to us, and to enter into long-term leasing arrangements whereby capital is preserved, asset and residual value risk is eliminated, and operational flexibility is maintained and, in many cases, expanded.

We have deep domain knowledge and therefore have a real understanding of the operational needs and challenges that are involved with managing aircraft parts for global fleets. As such, our components leasing programs allow our customers to customize them based on specific inventory obligations whilst ensuring no added operational complexity. We like to keep things simple.

Our spare components portfolio supports nearly all production and entry-into-service of Airbus, Boeing and other fleet types.

Our Customers

At Sanad Capital, we pride ourselves on being a reliable financial solutions provider, something that has earned us the trust of a growing number of industry leading global airlines and service providers. Our commitment to our customers has proved we can be counted on to provide long term lease finance solutions throughout the asset cycle. And we treat all of our customers as partners. Some of our customers include: