Engineering a Better Future

Our services are built on the trust we have earned from servicing our impressive roll call of OEM partners that include Rolls-Royce, International Aero Engines, Pratt & Whitney and GE Aviation. Our landmark USD 6.5bn engine maintenance agreement with Rolls-Royce promises to not only triple the number of Trent 700 engines we service annually but will also benefit the UAE economy as the number of global airlines coming to Abu Dhabi for MRO services will increase dramatically.

We team up with OEMs to offer solutions and to customize them to meet the specific requirements of airlines. As such, with each OEM, there is a shared regard of one other as partners. It is something that can only come about through mutual trust.


Rolls-Royce Trent 700

Our USD 6.5bn engine maintenance deal to service the Trent 700 engine platform makes us the world’s only independent Trent 700 provider outside the Rolls-Royce official network. That means we will be maintaining a quarter of the Trent 700 engines globally, to the tune of 75 engines a year on one of our major product lines.

International Aero Engines

IAE V2500

The second major product line that we have is the V2500, manufactured by International Aero Engines. We are the only shop in the Middle East and North Africa region with full overhaul capability for the V2500. It is from this engine from where most of our business derives globally – from Southeast Asia to South America. This is where we see a great deal of demand from airlines beyond the world of the OEM.

Pratt & Whitney


The PT6A engine family is the world’s most popular engine in its class and is one of Pratt & Whitney’s greatest success stories. With a heritage dating back to 1994, our PT6A & PT6T overhaul capability includes engine and reduction gearbox overhaul and repair.

We have significant experience in the PT6 market and have repaired or overhauled hundreds of these engines since 2012, including PT6A, PT6T Power sections and PT6T Rotor Gearboxes. We provide solutions to civil and military customers, government and non-government and non-government operators, including full support, not to exceed any price arrangements.

GE Aviation


Sanad Aerotech has been maintaining GEnx engines since 2013 and was the first GEnx MRO center in the MENA region. We are currently the only Independent GEnx MRO in the entire SAMENA region with over 80 engines overhauled to date.

From 1 January 2020, Sanad Aerotech will expand its existing maintenance and repair services for GEnx engines, which will also include full overhaul, with GE committed to maintaining 315 GEnx engines up to 2035 at Sanad Aerotech’s Abu Dhabi shop.


Sanad Aerotech is the first GE Certified Maintenance and Repair Center for LEAP engines in the MENA region, with effect from 2021. To date, the LEAP-X, a high-bypass turbofan engine, has the highest order book globally in terms of commercial aircraft. To meet this demand in the region, we will expand our existing maintenance and repair services, which will also include full overhaul, with GE committed to maintaining 237 LEAP engines up to 2030.